When we last met in March 2017, we spoke of the need to replace and potentially relocate fire stations 51, 52 and 54 so that they can better serve the community. Here is the process we are using to determine where the Tukwila fire stations will be.

How to site a fire station

1. Examine Response Times

Stations must be strategically located to provide equitable response times throughout the city. Fire station location experts analyzed historical incidents, response times and geography to determine the best locations for fire stations in Tukwila, given that Fire Station 51 is moving to a new location out of a floodplain in anticipation of future growth and Station 53 will remain where it is.

2. Evaluate Sites

Once mapping identifies the most equitable areas for station locations, the project team explores individual properties to find the location that best meets station requirements and City needs.

3. Select a Site

Potential sites within the response time polygon are scored against evaluation criteria. Sites that score highest are further examined for feasibility and availability.

4. Design

Building design begins once a final site is selected.

Historic incidents and their proximity to existing station locations

We used several data sources to help us decide where the best locations for fire stations should be. The map above is one example of data showing historic incidents between 2012 and 2016.

Potential travel times given future fire station placement

Because Fire Station 51 is moving out of floodplain, as well as contractually obligated to move, it was important that the City study the best locations for Stations 52 and 54 in order to provide the most equitable response times around the City.